Pergear 25mm f/1.8 Lens

One of the cheapest lenses you can get for the Micro Four Thirds platform, the Pergear 25mm f/1.8 lens is a manual focus lens that retails for around $68USD. For a proper metal-and-glass lens, this is an absolute bargain.

For those of you counting, the Pergear 25mm f/1.8 lens only has 5 elements in 3 groups, with 12 blades (rounded diaphragm opening), an angle of view of 57.4°, close-focusing distance of 20cm, weighs approximately 195g and has the full frame equivalent of 50mm. Oh, and it is fully metal built and available for the MFT mount, Sony E-Mount or the Fujifilm X-mount.

To those who have no idea what the numbers mean, basically Pergear kept it simple, which probably allowed them to keep the price fairly simple too and sometimes, simple is best.

One of the easiest things to design in terms of photography gear, is the 'standard' lens: the 25mm (or 50mm if you are of the full-frame world). Optically, it is not surprising that the Pergear version of the 25mm is a lens that performs well; some lenses, when opened up to the maximum aperture, tend to lose a little quality at the edges but the Pergear 25mm seems to hold up quite well. When shooting a subject that is backlit, there's a tiny bit of fringing but nothing that can't be fixed in post.

Since it's a fully metal-built lens, the Pergear does have a little bit of weight but it's the kind of sturdy, reassuring weight that helps to balance your camera. The focusing ring is super smooth and so is the aperture ring. It's a pretty cool fit for the MFT system, which is known for being lightweight and portable. In case you've forgotten, this lens is $68USD.

Again, this is a manual focusing lens, which means there is relying on the auto-focus function on your camera however good it is. For videographers, who mostly use manual focus, this is not a problem and for photographers who like using AF, it's a good way to learn how to use the other functions on your camera body - like focus peaking and magnify.

$68USD, people.

All in all, you get quite bit of bang for your buck with this little lens from Pergear.

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