Olympus just gives us a brand new camera for free (sort of)

Since digital photography overtook traditional analogue mediums, camera designs have evolved dramatically over the past couple of decades. With more power processor designs, cameras have become more computer-like. That means that you can potentially 'upgrade' the camera's features and functions by flashing new programs in (like an OS upgrade on a computer).

But often camera manufacturers don't like this approach, because it cost time for the engineers to 're-engineer' the software that controls the camera, but more importantly, it may affect people who are waiting or wanting to upgrade to future models. Hence, you don't see big boys Nikon/Canon/Sony do this often. They do 'add features and bug-fix' periodically to add stability and compatibility but not a over often an overhaul.

Olympus has just done the opposite, essentially giving its loyal customers a brand new camera by introduction a completely redesigned software engine, bringing the now-3-year-old EM1 Mark II up-to-date in 2019. Ok, there are still certain limits due to the age of the processor and sensor, but it now performs as good as its new flagship - OM-D E-M1 X.

Watch the video and you will find out the important changes in this Firmware 3.0 after intensive use by Jimmy and Tracey in professional environments.

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