Olympus' Centenary Limited releases

Well, well, well. I was pleasantly surprised to received a rare silver Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II through the post the other day from Olympus UK. Yes, the Japanese giant announced this back in January but there are only a handful of people have actually seen it in real life. I was very fortunately to get my hands on and tell you what I feel about it.

Just as a starter, yes this is a bog standard OM-D E-M1 mark II that's been around for about two years but it's still a very relevant camera and even with the introduction of EM-1X, I still use my Mark II on a daily basis. I love it to bits. The silver version, well, as a fanboy, sorry guys, I am a little bias here, I love it. I've always love the silver versions of Olympus camera, PEN-F, EM10 and EM5. I also loved the original EM1 in silver too and in fact, it was also a rarer breed as most went with black at the time so there are only a handful on the used market these days which also lead to a small premium over the black counterpart. There was no official number on the number of the original silver EM1 but the new release has a limited production of 2000 units and they will be distributed worldwide so each country can only get a handful.

But this silver EM1 Mark II is different. The shade is a little darker, more a gun-metal grey than silver silver. The texture on the surface is also different, rougher, just feels more rugged in general. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the durability of the paint job though. Not sure if you have any experience in any silver cameras before, but both my EM5 I and II were silver and the silver paint got rubbed off pretty quickly. So the bottom line was that the older silver paint wasn't as durable. Time will tell about the new 'silver' but while the old silver was more like a smooth toy-plastic like finish didn't inspire much confidence, the new 'textured' and darker (meaner looking) silver certainly makes it more 'professional'.

Limited, sexy silver that I always like in the OM-D line, build on a body that I've been using daily for two and half years, OH YES!

Camera aside, there's a limited UK release of yet another favourite, a cross-over camera shoulder bag between Olympus and Billingham. Yes you heard that right, my beloved Billingham!! The limited bag is based on the popular Hadley Pro made in black canvas and leather with chrome detailing. The only thing you will notice that this is a special bag is the little white tag on the side, right next to Billingham's tag. It may be standard but that little tag is something to rave about, at least to me. I love all kinds of discrete cross overs over the past from Billingham. I don't like crazy colours but they did one time released a special 'Leica' bag which was based on the L1 and L2. There's a tiny Leica logo and that was it. So this is not a surprise to me anymore. It's as lovely and desirable as ever!

What better? Olympus UK already said that this bag is limited, no official number was announced though, but you can only get them when purchasing the EM1 Mark II and EM1X. But hey, listen, you actually get the bag for free when you purchase either of the cameras. This was the deal at the Photography Show this year but I think they may extend the offer to other campaigns later, but of course, while stock lasts!

I got both and super happy... sorry this is a fanboy talking here!

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