Mar 21

What's your favourite Olympus Camera(s)??


I would love to know :) For me, I love the PEN-F and EM5 series. Yes they are not the top range but for work, I rely on my EM1 II and EM1X. What's yours?



Still like my original EM5, although for most things I use the EM1 ii

LOVE the PEN-F ... as an enthusiast (not professional) it is all I need. As a recovering architect I love the design. As a lazy person I love the small size... that means I am likely to cary with me more often ;-) and can throw the OLY 17mm 1.8 in a pocket as well.


It indeed a beauty!! I love my 'black' PEN-F!

Apr 18

My PEN-F Hands down.. I just love this little wonder... Paired with my 17mm 1.8 its the setup I use for 70% of the time..

A whole lot of Sexy!!!

% of all my pictrures.



I am with you on that setup... I often have the 17mm on the camera with the 14-42 pancake in my pocket.. and the camera is so beautiful... always have people asking me about it too.


ps... love the catchers mit too ;-)

Stunning, I do think the PEN-F is already a classic camera and can never be replaced. Cherish it (I am going to put a bubble wrap around it!)



Sending my second Pen F in for a full service.



Now you are showing off!!! This is one of my favourite cameras!!

It’s still a lovely camera to use. It’s the first camera I bought with my own money. Does cause some confusion when you send the film in as there’s 72 images per roll.

Just ask the lab guy 'Don't cut the film!' hahaha I had that problem before.

I was a film shooter for years and gave up photography for awhile. Interests in street and travel photography so thought the em5 mk2 would be a great match. Now I hear the mk3 is coming out should I wait? ohhhh first world problems! lol

Yes, worth waiting at this point and it shouldn't be too long.

Hello fellow forum members. First post here. I enjoy my trusty old em10 mkii. Paired with either my 17mm f1.8, 25mm f1.8 12-40mm f2.8 Pro or 75mm f1.8, I am always surprised at the quality of the pictures. I think it's a better camera than the miii version. The 5miii has peaked my interest though. Still, won't sell my 10.

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